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What Alerts does one get from a VE.Bus BMS connected too Cerbo

I am after some information on control signals and information flow with the VE.Bus BMS environment.

I have read the following post and done my own testing

This has highlighted that the MultiPlus/Quatro is key to the interworking. While the Venus OS, Multiplus/Quatro and VE.Bus BMS are all connected on a single VE.Bus BMS there is dose not seem to be any information that flows directly between the VE.Bus BMS and Venus. It all flows through the MultiPlus/Quatro. Therefore it is the Multiplus/Qutro that is reacting to messages from VE.Bus BMS and passing information onto the Venus OS. The Venus OS is then able to pass information to VE.Direct or CAN.Bus connected MPPT controllers to disable charge.

What I would like to know is what functionality if any is lost or gained from using a MiniBMS or VE.Bus BMS with the 2-Wire Assistant verses using a VE.Bus BMS with the VE.Bus Assistant. I know the outcome of both approaches will be that the Multiplus/Quatro will be told by the BMS to stop charging or inverting, but what else is going on behind the scenes that would make having the load/charge disconnect on the VE.Bus?

Many Thanks

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Further to the above question. I had a charge disconnect event the other day. I have no alert on the Cerbo/Venus OS or VRM. I only know that the event occurred as my Wakespeed Alternator controller which is connected to the BMS Charge Disconnect signal reported it moved to force float due to loss of signal from the BMS.

I also know that the batteries had reported charge disconnect through my Bluetooth connection in VictronConnect.

Should the Cerbo / Venus OS have logged a report.

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