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Orion 121230 - Wiring to a Citroen Relay 2017 - standard alternator

I'm getting my head around installing the Orion 121230 DC-DC to my camper. It's for the Citroen Relay (old style non-smart alternator) charging a bank of 2x130 Leuch Adventurers.

I've got a convertors' socket which gives me my link to make a D+ style signal to tell the Orion that 'I'm charging' (see the photos from site) but can't work out how this helps from the manual.

Even after digesting the manual, I'm unsure as to how/if I need to link the orion to the alternator- I got stuck at the 4.4 a- L-H pin wiring b- H-pin wiring and c - L-pin wiring section of the manual.

Looking at the next section 4.5, it talks about an Engine On setup and I've found a download which outlines how to setup a smart alternator with variable alternator voltagges (which doesn't apply to the Citroen).

Please can anyone point me to the next step or where to look to help get my head around it?


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Hi, I have the same vehicle and have used the D+ signal with a relay to convert it to a D+ 12V+. Be careful the figure you have of the 15way socket has the pins numbered wrong. I spent half a day figuring it out. The numbers run down rather than across from pin one. Wire your relay as above and then to H on your Orion. I have wired two in parallel that way, through two switches on the dash so I can choose to use the Orions when needed. Mine works perfectly. I also have a Smart Lithium battery with the VE Bus BMS, So I took my "leisure 12V feed to the relay pin 30 from the BMS Charge 12V so that the whole system only works if the BMS is putting out its Charge 12V.

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