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Batteries not showing charge via shunt


I have recently installed the orion charger to my system along with the victron smart shunt. This is installed with 2 x 126ah lithium batteries. The Orion seems to be working as per picture below but my batteries are only decreasing in power even though I have been driving for hours over the past few days. I also have a low power light come on my victron multiplus. Any ideas at all what could be going wrong? I have checked all the wires/fuses and all seems ok.


battery chargingSmartShuntorion-tr smart
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Paul B avatar image Paul B commented ·
I think a wiring diagram of how the shunts installed would be helpfull
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Bob K avatar image Bob K commented ·
Are all loads and inputs, including the Orion, routed through the shunt? Your screenshot of the Orion in absorption mode seems to indicate that it's talking to the battery but the shunt is showing odd readings: A .36a load and very low voltage (11.26v).
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