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Touch 50 response using remote console

I have noticed that when accessing the Touch 50 via remote console (all methods via VRM, by direct wifi access, or via local Lan) that the first keystroke on the RC screen, does nothing except wake up the actual screen on the Touch 50, there after each keystroke works correctly, but if the actual touch 50 screen times out, you have to again touch the RC screen to wake up the Touch 50 before any further keystroke have effect.

This is very painful when the display time out is set to 10 seconds, even 30 secs is bad.

Why does the Touch 50 screen need to activate when using Remote Console, and can this behaviour be fixed?

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No that is not easy to fix, other then disabling the screen timeout. There is no difference, code wise, between controlling the device from a touch screen or from remote console.

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Interesting answer, considering Victrons promotion of benefits of remote access.

Does the Venus GX suffer this problem as it doesn't have a display option.

I tested my Cerbo GX, and the problem exist even when there is no display connected.

Now I know I could set a long screen timeout, but this is not desirable in my situation where the unit is to be fitted into a camper trailer. I don't want the display to stay on for long periods.

And I also don't want to have to be continually changing screen timeout settings every time I access the unit remotely. And remotely could be whilst sitting around a fire enjoying a beer.

With a slow connection eg accessing via VRM, this issue expresses as an unresponsive system, as clicking on the remote console screen whilst waiting for a response, 10 secs passes very quickly, so unbeknown to the user, the screen has timed out, and then so the 2nd click does nothing again, as this is actually re-awaking the screen, and this simply continues - till you get sick of it.

This is my experience, and I'm sitting in my home with the camper in my garage.

Its is/was extremely aggravating and I was cursing the system until I investigated and worked out what was happening. Now I know, I can sort of work around the issue, but I don't think this is a good user experience for Victrons users

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Hi @abucas01

it's been like this from the beginning, the same with the Color Control GX

Trust me you get used to it quickly, just use an arrow first and see if the screen moves..

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Hi @Daniël Boekel

It's still a bad first time user experience, and I would hope that Victron have this on their radar to rectify.

I think at the very least this should be mentioned in the user manual, so that new users are aware of this user experience issue

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