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Surfsick at GX Device?

has someone tested to plug a GSM "surfstick" into a GX device (CCGX) for a mobile internet connection?

We have a customer with 3 houseboats each with a EasySolar 24/3000 with a CCGX.
For the internet connection (and GPS) we installed the GX GSM modem.
GPS is working fine but as soon as we insert the SIM card the modem disappears every few seconds.
I tested the exact same devices in our workshop and everything works fine. Send it back to the customer doesn't work...

A few weeks ago I was at the marina and tried a few things(new GSM, new CCGX) but it still doesn't work and I'm out of ideas.

So now we now want to use a 3rd-party GMS modem (with LAN) or a simple surfstick.

I know you can connect an Android smartphone via USB and activate USB-Tethering ans the GX-device will have a working internet connection.

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