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Multiplus AC out suddenly not working (Lots of photos)

I have a Multiplus Compact 12/2000/80-50 120V that has been working perfectly for over 1 year and all of the sudden it won't produce 120 volt.

My batteries are full and the cables suppling power to the inverter are reading 13+ volts on the inverter posts. It has power for sure. Also, the fuse for the inverter is not blown AND I swapped in a new one just to be sure.

I opened up the case and took a look at the interior and have two main questions.

1. How many fuses does this have and where are they?

I noticed a fuse but am not sure what it goes to. I did try and swap it out with another 20amp fuse but that didn't do anything.

2. What is this red, internal LED telling me?

It says "ALARM" but this light isn't visible with the front on the unit.

Here is a closer view

Lastly - When I started troubleshooting the unit I did notice that the sheathing of my romex may have knocked off the protective cover of the fusebox for the power supply to the inverter. I'm guessing these might have rubbed together... Not sure if that actually happened, but if it did I'm wondering if this is what is causing the inverter to malfunction.


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evanjs answered ·

I was able to solve my problem!

Because all of my outlets are wired in series, for some reason my first outlet had been tripped. Either due to the romex shething touching the inverter fuse or because I managed to whack something while loading in my kayak in the back of the van.

On top of that, I was trying to measure the AC out with my multimeter on DC voltage. Once I tested it again with AC, it showed I had 120V which caused me to reexamine my garage outlet.

Thanks to everyone who responded. I'll try and not be as boneheaded next time ;-)

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rickp answered ·

I believe that alarm is default programmed to your AC Out. I would disconnect the AC out wiring and restart the unit on batteries alone and see if it clears. That armored cable rubbing into a positive cable housing could be causing a neutral or ground fault, triggering the alarm and inverter shutdown as a safety measure.

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Thank you for your comment!

I actually did do that already but did not mention it in the write up.

Is there anyway to "reset" the inverter?

I have also disconnected the DC power supply to the inverter and then turned off the inverter but not luck.

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rickp answered ·

I believe there is a system reset option on VE Configure. I’m not sure if that does anything that turning it on and off again does. I’ll try to take a look at mine today and see. I was under the impression that a physical restart would clear any errors that didn’t still exist, which is why I thought a restart without AC Outs might turn the key.

I’ll jump back in here if I find more specifics.

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Justin Cook - Bay Marine Supply USA answered ·

@Evanjs I see that you must have a DMC or a GX device or some other remote on the system (I see the RJ45 UTP cable running off the Multi's PCB); what is the state of the remote? IE, do you have the unit switched "off" on the remote, or is the remote not powered on, or...?

Any time there's a remote on the system, the functionality and state of the remote becomes critical to the proper operation of the Multi, but I don't see the remote mentioned, so please update with that info!

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Thanks for the reply, Justin.

Yes, I have the Multi Control 200/200A GX.

It works as normal. Currently in the 'On' position as is the inverter.

20200720-175933.jpg (299.9 KiB)

@Evanjs okay, that looks like it's functioning properly, though it doesn't appear that it's currently connected to shore power, but that's fine...

Next question: How do you know the Multi isn't producing 120vAC? I presume you've measured the output voltage, but where? IE, did you measure output voltage at the AC-Out terminals, or are you measuring at your connected outlets/AC distribution panel, or? Wherever that is, what did you measure, like was it dead 0vAC, or are you getting some output voltage?

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I know it isn't producing 120vAC because I removed the bottom cover and disconnected the romex (PE, B, W) cables and inserted my multimeter probes into the L and N slots. Here is a video showing what it produced.

Now, to be fair, I did have the positive and negative probes backwards but that shouldn't matter, it would just give me a -120vAC reading if it were working.

The inverter is making some sort of sound.... not sure how to describe it, it's subtle and sort of like a a moderate speed clicking.

victron.mp4 (7.6 MiB)

You have the multimeter set to measure DC voltages.