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Lynx Distributor Usages Clarifications

Hi All, my first time with Victron products and Solar Energy. Questions about Lynx Distributor. Considering that has 4 slots fused.

1) May I connect the whole system in One Lynx Distributor Unit?.
Slot 1: Multiplus-II 48/3000 (Fused)
Slot 2: SmartSolar MPPT 250/100 (Fused)
Slot 3: Lithium 48V Pylontech US3000 (Fused) (3 parallel modules connected with cable kit 120A/2000mm lenght)
Slot 4: Venus GX (Unfused as brings its own in-line Fuse)

2) Fuses sizing should be MEGA 125A for all 3 Slots? (i.e. Littlefuse MEGA 125A/58V for 48V)

3) Is there a minimum lenght for Cables of Slot 1 and Slot 2, I have available AWG2 35mm2 nominal cable (33,6mm2 actual section). For Slot 3 cable kit size came Pre-Fabricated.

Please if you see any safety issue advice, this is an Off-Grid system. 3000W Panels Array (4series x 2 strings). (SmarSolar is oversized for future expansion duplicating whole system)

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That's alot of cables into one small set of bus bars, use a lynx power in, they're the distributor minus the useless fuse indicator pcb, and therefore half the price. Inverter and all chargers on the distributor then batteries on the power-in, connect both directly or by 0 gauge cable with suitable crimp lugs, with this setup you can add a bmv if you so choose.

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Thank you @Maxxpwr for lynx power in vs lynx distributor clarification.

Still you recommend 2 lynx bus bar attached? Sorry for my paint skills, but I tried to put an image to represent cables connections of what I'm looking for and if it is safe. Bus Bar states 1000A rating.

Please correct me, but i.e. from Multiplus-II peak can get 115A (5500W/48V =114.6A), from SmartSolar 100A, and from Pylontech one module charge-discharge (37A Recommend / 74A Max), I'm using 3 Modules ( 37A x 3 = 111A) (grab a picture with four modules but i'm using three)

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No problem, your paint skills are better than mine, so looking at the setup the current expected is approx 300a during intense normal use which leaves plenty of capacity however the batteries will need 00 cable to carry that kind of current more than 3 meters without an unacceptable voltage drop, so that's a big cable, the multiplus requires either 00 gauge for a single wire hook up or 0 gauge for a dual wire hook up so again big cables into a little bus bar box, if your going to use the venus to take info from the batteries onboard informatics then you won't really need a bms negating some need for both a lynx distributor and a power in, however, for neatness and flexibility of install I'd go with having the batteries on the power-in and everything else on the distributor, this is especially helpful as you can fuse the batteries from the load in the event of catastrophic failure. It's worth spending the extra $120 aud.

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