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Orion-Tr Smart 12|12 18 continuously outputting 25A


I just fitted an Orion-Tr Smart 12|12 18 in my old campervan. It sits between the alternator and a Liontron 150Ah LiFePO4 battery.

I noticed in the batteriy's iPhone app that the battery receives 25.5A continuously. For way longer than the 10 second peak that the manual specifies. I've configured the output voltage to be 14.4V, which is what the battery manual specifies as charing voltage. There's nothing else charing the battery, when turning charging off in the Victron App the battery says 0A input.

I also noticed that the alternator got very hot. Tbh I don't know if this is normal or not in my van as I've never checked it before. But reading up online it shouldn't be that hot. I'm not sure if it's related to the Orion pulling too much current or the fan belt which I've yet to check.

The Orion is fitted like this:

+ on starter battery > alternator > 30A fuse > Orion

- on start battery > chassi > cable > Orion

I know the manual has the battery and the alternator in a different order. But the place I bought the items from said it didn't matter (I already have cables in the engine bay to hook things up that way from my old setup).

Cables are 6mm² and should be short enough to handle that current.

Any need for worry?


- Simon

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Hi @simme,

Just one question! When you get 25,5A continuously, is this the current (Amps) reading from the Orion input from the alternator or the Orion output to your Lithium battery? You would also know how much voltage is actually at the output of Orion (not the 14.4V you set). Try to measure it so that it is better to make calculations and reach conclusions! Let me know!

Thanks @granada! The 25.5A is reported by the battery's iPhone app. I'll do some measurements and report back.

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Stefanie answered ·

Hi @simme,

specification sheet is speaking of 280W@25°C. This is pretty close to 25A at nominal voltage of 12V. So I think this is well within specs. 18A are specified for ambient temps at about 40°C.

I've read about some devices getting very hot. The manual says that a well ventilated installation area is required.

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Ah.. I did not consider that. Thanks!

The battery reported a temperature of 14.7C° so I guess it makes sense that the charger could squeeze out a couple of extra amps if even colder?

I've installed a 12/30 Orion today in a Lithium setup. TBH I did not consider myself the temperature when choosing the 12/30, but read that it puts out up to 40A. The alternator is rated at 50A only. That's not going to work, unless I replace the alternator for a bigger one.

Oh, bummer! I might have to look at another brand all together since the 18A is the smallest one. Or perhaps somehow else limit the output from the alternator?

I won't worry to much. Look at the rating of your alternator. If it's 40A or more, you should be fine. Usually the alternator gets hot at low RPM because the fan doesn't shovel enough fresh air into the alternator. Should be ok at higher RPM.
If you're unsure, you still have the option to shut the Orion off for a while.

The alternator is 55A. I find it hard to believe that lights and charging of the starter battery takes more than 30. But I don't know for sure.

Light don't take that much and starter battery charging usually is only a few amps...unless you have other loads powered by the starter battery.
With 55A your'e good.

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