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smart LiFePO4 battery cycle life counter

hello, we are new Victron installers in Iraq we have installed some system without any issues, all with smart lithium batteries but my wonder is that, since those batteries are warrantied for 2500 cycle at 80% DOD is there any counter built in the battery to count the number of cycles that were used or any other way to get this number?

for instance, since we have a daily power shortage in Iraq the batteries now are discharged every day depending on the shortage hour, some times they are only discharged to 60% and charged again should I take this as one cycle so then I will have one cycle every day and 2500 cycle will be about 7 years?

also what will happen after the 2500 cycle will the battery directly die or the efficiency decrease or what?


Lithium Battery
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Hi @eyub,

the SmartLithiums do not have a cycle counter built in. To count charge cycles, you would need at least a battery monitor (BMV702, 712 or SmartShunt), which will then record cycles.

AFAIK a full charge cycle is counted when SoC falls down below 50% and then recharged up to 100%.
After 2500 cycles the battery capacity decreases to something around 80% of it's initial capacity.

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thanks, dear @Stefanie for your useful replay, I checked the datasheets both for the (BMV702,712 or smart shunt) but I got their purpose but I couldn't understand the difference between them inorder to select on of them , and also can we view this counter data after we installed online on the vrm so we check the battery life of our projects from the office.

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You're very welcome!

the main difference between a BMV-702, 712 and SmartShunt:

  • BMV-702 = has a relais, has a VE.Direct port, has a Display
  • BMV-712 = has a relais, has a VE.Direct port, has a Display, has Bluetooth
  • SmartShunt = no relais, has a VE.Direct port, no Display, has Bluetooth

In order to see BMV data in VRM, you need a GX device (CCGX, Venus GX or Cerbo GX) connected to a BMV/SmartShunt via VE.Direct.

And yes of course, you then will see the cycle counter in the Battery History in VRM.


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i got it thanks alot :)

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