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Orion Tr and multiplus compact

I have a multiplus compact connected to lithium drop-in batteries and the supplemental output from multiplus to the starter battery. I would like to add charging from alternator to lithium batteries through the Orion tr dc dc charger. Question is will Orion tr start to charge the lithium batteries when connected to shore power because the multiplus will charge the starter batteri and by that increase the voltage on the starter batteri. I would prefer to only charge through the multiplus when powered from shore.

supplemental questions:

1. is it at all a problem to have both the multiplus and Orion charge at the same time.

2. will the Orion tr start charging, it only receives 4 A from Multiplus.

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Mark avatar image Mark commented ·

I’ve come across this issue,my Campervan has a Ctek dc to dc charger installed (inherited!) with an ignition trigger, however when the multiplus 1200 supplies the 1A maintenance charge to the starter battery the voltage increases above the set threshold and starts charging the house battery and pulling at least 3 amps out of the starter battery with no engine running!

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cjd avatar image cjd commented ·
I'm just fitting out a campervan which has an Orion battery-to-battery charger and a Multiplus inverter/charger, with solar panels and an MPPT controller from another manufacturer. I've wired the starter battery charging connector on the Multiplus so I could charge both batteries from shore power and was surprised today that even without a 240V connection the starter battery was at more than 13V. It seems the starter battery circuit of the Multiplus operates even when the unit is switched off. That's ok while there's sun on the solar panels, but now I'm wondering what happens when the leisure battery isn't being charged. More investigation to be done.
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Hi @SteenBank

If I read this right, you just want the Orion to charge your 'house' Li's while the alternator is running. It has 'ignition switch' terminals to turn it off when no alternator input. In theory it could drain the dying breath from your starter batt and pass it across to the Li's, and depending on the charge settings of each source, could possibly even do that while on shore power through the Multi.

1. No problem, but I doubt you want/need to do that.

2. No point sending power one way, then returning it.

Just use the Orion's remote terminals to disable it when your alt is off.

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steenbank answered ·

Decided to order the Orion TR dc-dc Smart 12/12-18. The distributor tells that it will not be available before Marts 2020. So, I have to wait it out.

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nick-wiggill avatar image nick-wiggill commented ·

How did this go for you in the end, SteenBank? I am looking into similar setup (albeit 24V).

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