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Advice on RCD and MCB selection; input and output for Multiplus inverter/charger?

The 1.2kW Multiplus example schematic, which is similar to my own setup, suggests RCD and MCB on input and output of AC; it seems logical that both sides are protected for situations where there is no RCD/MCB in the hookup point (?)

From reading the datasheets and guides, I was thinking of using a type A RCD on the input to the multiplus and type B for the outputs (loads inside campervan) because type B may give extra protection for inverter failure modes? type A are also cheaper so if they fit the requirements, jobs a carrot ;-)

Any advice* on RCD/MCB selection would be appreciated.

* While I am asking for advice, I am responsible for my own actions and decisions WRT mains voltages; Im well aware of the dangers!

RCD for input:

Eaton 2P 25A RCD Switch, Trip Sensitivity 30mA Type A PXF-25/2/003-A


Kopp 2P 25A Instantaneous RCD Switch, Trip Sensitivity 30mA 752.52801.2

RCD for inverter output:

Eaton 2P 25A Instantaneous RCD, Trip Sensitivity 30mA Type B PKNM-25/1N/B/003-A-MW

MCB for input and output:

Eaton xEffect MCB Mini Circuit Breaker 2P 10A 6kA Curve B #FAZ6-B10/2


Kopp MCB Mini Circuit Breaker 2P 10A 10kA Curve B 7210.2000.0

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