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Charge Disconnect Events with Smart BMS CL 12-100

Hello everyone.

May I please have your help with understanding charge disconnect events when using Victron’s 12.8V 300Ah Smart Lithium Batteries and a Smart BMS CL 12-100.

Along with these, two Smart Battery Protects will be used in charge disconnect roles; one for solar/MPPTs and one for a second alternator.

So, is it correct that a charge disconnect event will occur with each of the following:

1. a battery cell’s voltage reaches maximum
2. the temperature of a battery exceeds maximum
3. the temperature of a battery falls below the set minimum
4. the charging rate for a battery exceeds maximum ??


You might reply with something like:

1. Yes
2. Yes. Think about installing a cooling fan.
3. Yes. Watch your back for polar bears.
4. Yes. Dial down that nuclear charger!

Thank you. :-)

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