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Quattro SOC and assist battery with generator when higher load


We want to run generator to assist the batteries when higher load is needed. We have a MG Master LV BMS, Quattro inverters and CCGX. I'm new to this kind of system, and when talking on phone with MG on support earlier during some problems when commisioning, they said that I shouldnt use any assistans in the Quattros (Two-signal BMS and Generator start/stop) since all this are controlled by the CCGX, and no cabling between the BMS and Quattro (Discharg/Charge allowed).

The problem now is that when runninng on batteries and the load required is higher then the limit and asking for generator, the generator starts running, but does not assist the batteries, the generator take all the load and start charging the batteries instead, even when the SOC limit is reached, the generator keep charging the batteries over the SOC limit. I can see on the CCGX under Quattro, the state of charge has no values just (--).

Is that why the generator keeps charging the batteries even when the SOC is reached and the generator takes all the load when I want the generator to ASSIST the batteries?

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For starters I would not use the generator autostart assistant, I would use the GX devices Autostart feature

You will need to adjust the Generator autostart parameters in the GX device to achieve what you want.

ie set the load limits and the SOC limits that you want

once the Generator starts the Quattro will shift all the load to the Generator UNLESS you adjust the Power assist setting but this setting is always fixed ie 20 amps, or what ever you set it too once this is reached from the generator the quattro would then assists by taking power from the Batteries.

Now depending on the assistants being used and the BMS this may not work, and you would have to then install a DMC Digital Multi Control to set this setting

Another way to set it is with a MK2 unit and VE configure as well and directly program the quattros settings

Also make sure the Battery monitor is set and turned on in the Quattro thats unless you have a BMV-712 unit

Hope this is of some help

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Thanks for the response.

All Generator autostart parameters are adjusted in the CCGX and not as an assistanse on the VEConfig. I have no assistanse in the config, since I was told to not have any by the MG support.

I will need to enable battery monitor in the VEConfig, thats for sure.

But another question of topic. We want that the generator should be able to run at 100% capacity if the load require so. So i set the AC1 input current limit according to the capacity of the generator. But when there are less load, lets say 60%, we want to charge the battery, but we dont want to charge with all the remaining power from generator and run it at 100% but, lets say 80%, Is this possible? Or will we need a PLC?

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As far as I know the answer is NO

you would have to limit max load to 80% and then if you did use or require the extra 20% this would come from the battery for that short period of time and then once load dropped below 80% the charging would ramp up again and replace whats been used.

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Thanks for respons. Hoped a PLC might work.

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But when the AC Limit is high and the generator starts to take over the load from the batteries and also starts charging the batteries, is there a way to cut the charging when the SOC is at 90%?

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There is, if you used a Victron VE.BUS BMS unit this unit can turn the quattros charging and load on and off via a open or closed circuit

Ie it has 3 control circuits

1 for temp (leave circuit close) Black colour

1 for inverter load (Leave Circuit closed) I think blue colour

1 for Quattro charging (control this circuit) I think its Brown in colour

(you may have to inverse the blue and brown colours)

these are all normally closed circuits when operating normally

so if you used a relay to open when the SOC got to 90% then this would turn the Quattros charging off.

NOTE this would not be recommended by Victron in any way shape or form, its a posiable solution that I am giving you and its NEVER been recommended by Victron. use it at your OWN risk.

you could use the GX device to do this using its aux relay but you are currently using this for the gen autostart

So I would use a assistant setup in the quattro and program it to use one of the quattros Aux relays to do this. ie open when SOC was higher than 90% and close when SOC was lower than say 80% thus turning the charging off then back on.

you would also have to run the 2 circuit BMS assistant as well but this would only be controlling the charging in the SOC area that you wanted controlled

Just a possible solution to try, may help you out

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