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Victron Microgrid for Fronius Systems in case of public grid failure for a long time

Hi, I have these equipments:

Separate Equipments:

- 1 pcs of Victron Quattro 48/15000/200-100/100

- 2 pcs of BlueSolar charge controller MPPT 150/85 CAN-bus

- 1 pcs of Victron CGX color controler

- 16 pcs AGM 12V 240AH Batteries

2 On grid Systems in the same place 2x27 KWh with 2 feed points in the same public grid.

- 2 pcs of Fronius Eco 27.0-3-S

- 192 pcs (2x96) of IPPP280W photovoltaic pannels

Unfortunately in Romania the specialists who know Fronius do not know Victron and viceversa.

Questions: Because we are in one area with a lot of long failure (sometimes days) in the public grid, it is possible to form a local micro-grid, with help of Victron Quattro, in case of public grid failure, in order to use the advantage of our two photovoltaic systems even if the public grid is off?

Actualy the problem that I face is that when the public grid is off, whole the system is off.

The system needs to meet the following:

1. Both on grid system will feed the surplus in public grid when this is on;

2. First priority is to feed the own consumers, then, the public grid (because the compensation with the public grid is 1/3) :(

3. During the public grid failure, it is possible to run on the batteries with small consumers (some TV and Lights) as a small backup system?

Best Regards,

Adrian Bondoc

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Alexandra answered ·

Victron and Fronius have a good working relationship. So it yes this is possible, even allowing the feedback and monitoring.

The Victron website and Youtube are loaded with articles and videos for these systems. Here are just two to get you started.

If you are wanting to power up Fronius using the Victron as Grid then you need to follow the 1:1 ratio though, so your size system will take some careful consideration.

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