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EasySolar [AC out 2] does it use grid power?

Does the [AC out 2] use the grid power or will it us power generated by PV when there is grid power available? (I know that if grid power is off it is switched off)

EasySolar All-in-Oneac out 2
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Short answer, no AC2 output does not use PV power when grid is on, neither does AC1 output.

Long answer.
In its default configuration, neither AC1 not AC2 outputs use PV power when grid is available.
When grid is available it is passed through to the AC1 and AC2 outputs, the inverter is OFF and the (grid) charger is ON. Batteries will charge from solar and grid.
When grid is unavailable then the inverter is ON and the (grid) charger is OFF. AC2 output is OFF and AC1 output is ON, supplied by the inverter using battery and solar energy if it is available.
Basically, when grid is available, the priority will be to keeps batteries charged and the AC1 output acts like a UPS if grid fails.

Of course, this behavior can be changed using assistants, like ESS. One feature of ESS would be that the AC1 output would be supplied by PV power even when the grid is available. The inverter will be ON in a grid-interactive mode. PV power will charge the batteries and power loads on AC1 output and grid power will only be used if the battery is low. You may need to have permission from your grid electricity supplier to install a grid interactive device just like any grid-tied PV system.
AC2 output always goes OFF if grid is unavailable.

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