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Smart LiFePo4 with VEBUS BMS Cell data on the network?

Full system includes 4-25.6V LiFePo4 smart batteries, 3-24V-5000 Quattro in 3phase, VE BUS BMS, CCGX, BlueSolar 150/85 chargers, 2-Skylla iP44 chargers

Other than using bluetooth, (the batteries are too far away in a steel boat to reach via BT) is there a way to access the individual cell data on a network? The CCGX is connected via VEBUS and is on the ships ethernet network. An HTML page similar to the Remote Console page from the CCGX with all the battery data on it would be very useful to have on the ships bridge. Another way might be through NMEA 2000 data broadcast by the CCGX in PGN format and displayed by Maretron N2K View software. Has anyone been able to access battery data other than through bluetooth? I am aware there are BT extenders, but the process of connecting to each battery for one page of data is not useful, having all the data on one page or HTML screen would be what I am after.

Thanks, Ron

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