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CCGX with multiple BMV7's ?


I Just joined this community, and just recently started using Victron Product.

So please be gentle with my potential Noob-Questions ;-)

I'm running a small 600Watt PV of Grid installation here in Austria.

I love the overview about all the ins and outs at the CCGX.



I found out the the Victron Inverters (specially the small phoenix up to 1200VA) are not showing reliable wattages, sometimes even really weired values.

What i found out in this community is that this is hardware-based, so...without hope that any firmware update would solve this issue.

That actually makes any logging and data about my energy usage after the inverter pretty useless.

(even though it gives me an idea of the used energy)

Is this the same (none accurate measuring) the same for newer MultiPlus 500VA - 1600VA Series ???


Another "problem" in logging is that i use quite some 12V Devices in my house, driven by an DCDC Converter, so id actaully want to log the energy use of those devices wich are not driven by an inverted AC too.

What i found out until now is that victron does not produce DCDC Converters wich would be able to send reliable wattage to the CCGX (via VE.Direct).


And, does anyone of you know/have ever doublechecked the reliability of logged data from mppt chargers like the 100/30 I'm using


So I'm searing for the following possibilities:

two separate possibilities to measure the Wattage (expl. a shunt )

1.: should measure the Watts between batterie and Inverter (cause in that case it includes all energy losses too, and all the realistic used Energy, converter to AC is shown)

2. Wattage between Battery and DCDC Converter to 12V, or direct 24V devices

3.Logging Battery temperature (! but wired, not with the smart wireless sensor)

I'm aware of the BMV7** Series, but not sure how the CCGX would show Wattage of two BMV with two separate Shunts.......Could i set one of the BMV Shunt measurements to show up in "AC Loads", and the other BMV to show up in "DC-Power",...Or would the just sum up to one Wattage shown in DC-Power ?

And....Does the Temperature Sensor data from the BMV get transfered adn logged to the CCGX ?

greets and thanks in advance


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It is not possible to assign the BMV to another measurement.
The BMV is only designed for battery monitoring.

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So, what would happen if i connect several BMV's with Shunts ?

will it all just sum up to one Value at the Display "DC Power"


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Perhaps you could try 1 bmv on your ccgx setup and see if you are happy with the "calculated" dc load display.

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