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MultiPlus 48/1200 temp input: how do pins operate for an Input signal ?

This question is related to Anil's question, here:

Basically, my question is how how do the Temperature sense pins operate, when used for an Input signal, for the smaller MultiPlus 48/1200? Those multiplus units do not have Aux inputs, and appear to accept some form of signal into the Temp Sense pins, for an input Signal, for example, via some of the Assistants, which specify use of the Temp Sense pins for that use. My question, as I said to Anil, is how do those pins work?

the Temp sense appears to put out +5V on the T+, and be GND on the T-. But as I said in that post, when I configured the "control charge current" assistant to use the Temp sense as an input, the only way it worked is when I shorted the T+ pin to the Venus 5V+ Gnd pin, and that actuated the "disable charger", (passthrough mode) the result I wanted, but not entirely what I wanted. As I said in that post, I wanted to be able to use the T+/T- to specify a 0A charger output, @1.5V signal, and then an Ignore AC @5V signal. Not exactly what I could get. So the question is: how do those Temp sense pins work? How could I apply those voltages? If I setup two assistants, with those intput requirements?

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