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Momentary overload warnings filtered out?

I've previously posted about a spurious temperature warning that exists for 1 second on my Quattro when the generator shuts down.

The Venus 2.23 changelist describes a feature to "debounce errors", but it seems to suggest that the only thing it does is hold errors high a minimum of 20 seconds.

I am also now occasionally seeing an Overload warning for 1 second, when the shore current limit is approached and Quattro shifts to Power Assist. This only happens sometimes, and it is at very low inverter loads... but there is probably a transient that some sensor inside Quattro is detecting momentarily. For example, it happened at 03:26:35 here:

I am running 2.22 currently, so my questions are:

1) Will 2.23 actually filter momentary errors and warnings, or will it simply hold them high ("rising edge debounce") as described?

2) Would it be possible to add more VE.Bus driver support for filtering? I really don't think anyone wants to receive Warning emails for warnings that last less than one second and are clearly spurious... or, if they do, maybe they could go into a setting and turn off "filter transient warnings" or something.

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