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Multiplus 12/2000 configure with lithium using Mac

I’ve used a pc to update the firmware on the multiples compact 12/2000 to v209. (I could not update it from my Mac because the firmware was so old. So I had to borrow someones PC). Now I can see it with my ViltronConnect on my app on my Mac. When I start it, however, I get a message that states that my firmware needs to be updated from v209 to v4+. It does not update it automatically.

When I go to settings to update the firmware, I need a dealer passcode to do anything.

I’d like to update my firmware and settings - how do i get a passcode to do so?

Next, I have (3) Relion 300ah batteries. I don’t know the settings for the multiplus for these batteries. Do I need an assistant loaded? I am in desperate need of configuration help. I’ve looked at all the manuals and, frankly, they contradict each other or they don't outline the lithium settings by each tab. So I’m stumped.

When I use my toaster oven with the inverter, the “overload’ light comes on. The specs are 1800W max power consumption, and pulls 15amps when at full power. Is that a setting that I need to change on my inverter to allow it to work?

How do i configure the multiplus to use our Honda 2000i generator? Do I need any assistants?

Our boat is on the hard for 4 months this winter. Do I need to change the inverter settings for possible cold weather?


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What is the full VE.Bus FW number of your device? 20XXYYY or 27XXYYY? You find this number under the front panel on the CPU in the upper left of the PCB. If it begins with 20, the 209 is the latest FW, if it begins with 27 you should update to the latest Version 465

I don't think you need a assistant for your batteries because they have a build-in BMS. You only have to set your charge/discharge voltages within the specifications.

The MP 12/2000 have a continuous power of 1600W at 25°C, so your toaster with 1800W (maybe a bit more) will overload the Multi.

What do you want to do with the generator? If you want to automatically start the generator if SOC is low, you will need a assistant.

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