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Conflicting info - Does Victronconnect firmware update reset all settings on a MultiPlus or Quattro?

I have reviewed documentation and the forums and can't find definitive advice about whether a Quattro firmware update resets settings or not. The Victronconnect documentation says not. Forum posts seem to indicate settings will be reset.

I would like to backup settings anyway, can't find any way to do it. I run a Mac with Catalina o/s and have VictronConnect loaded connected to the Quattro with a mk3 usb adapter. Because the firmware on the Quattro is several versions behind, VictronConnect won't let me do anything other than view status until I update the firmware.

Is there some way to save settings that I'm missing? Would a firmware update reset settings on the Quattro? Seems the old windows-based tools might have done that, but I don't have Windows available and wine won't run them on the Mac due to Catalina not accepting 32-bit apps any more.

Thanks for your help.

VictronConnectfirmware update
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Guy Stewart (Victron Community Manager) answered ·

Hello @ozdw,

Thanks for bringing this to my attention, the manual does indeed need some clarifications with the recent software changes.

I have made a few updates already, but will do more in the coming days.

In answer to your question;

Yes, a firmware update for the Quattro will reset settings to factory defaults.

It is described in this manual here:

Beware of Limitations

Please read that above manual in it's entirety before attempting this. And consider not attempting it at all.

It is possible to save the settings file, but be aware that VictronConnect does not yet support the full feature set of the Multi/Quattro (and VEConfigure) so depending on your installation, you may not return the system back to it's original state. An obvious example would be an ESS assistant, this would be lost, and unable to be restored via VictronConnect.

Temporary Bug Affecting VictronConnect VE.Bus firmware updates on Macs.

Also please be aware that there is a known issue - please read this troubleshooting section for more info.

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ozdw avatar image ozdw commented ·

Thank you. I will use VEConfigure after borrowing a windows laptop. I won't update the firmware. All I need to do is reduce the input current limit slightly, as my generator occasionally cuts out due to overload and reverts to manual instead of auto-start. As the house is very remote and requires a three hour drive to reset the genny, that is not ideal.

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JohnC avatar image JohnC ♦ ozdw commented ·

Just to make sure you're aware, VE.Config is available via VRM. I've never tried it with a Mac though.

It does download a .rvsc file which you could save to retain your settings, and even send back later.

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There are also many people successfully using VEConfigure on Macs (including myself), though it is not supported by Victron.

There are many ways to do it, and some guides here.

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