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Multiplus ii + Lynx Ion 1000 A BMS GX

Hi, can you please confirm we are configuring the system correctly.

Our application is to use the Multiplus ii to provide peak power when the grid cannot supply total power. In our case, the maximum grid power = 10 A @ 230 V = 2300 W, and we need to supply 4000 W for short periods. Our system is permanently connected to the grid without solar or any other power sources charging the batteries. And we wont to have the batteries 100 % charged at all times when not using the batteries.

We are connecting the Lynx Ion 1000 A BMS (we purchased prior to 400 A model being available) with 2x LiHE 100 Ah batteries) to the Venus GX. Please confirm that we use CAN bus for this. Do we need to enable any settings in the Venus GX? i.e. configure to 100 Ah @ 48 V?

When connecting the Multiplus ii, use VE Config 3 and add assistance ESS Energy Storage System. Please confirm that we DO NOT need to hardwire the allow-to-charge and allow-to-discharge signal contacts of the Lynx Ion BMS. Are there any other settings we need to add? The LiHE batteries are not available?

Does the 10 A grid input current get set in VE Config 3 or the Venus GX?

With VE Config 3, how do you use the "fake target with full options" and choose Multiplus ii?

Thanks for your assistance.


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You connect the Lynx Ion BMS to the CCGX with VE.Can - (UTP cable), don't forget the terminators. You need to set the battery capacity in VE.Configure (100Ah).

You need to use the "Two Signal BMS Support" Assistant. You MUST hardwire the "Allow-to-Charge" and the "Allow-to-Discharge" signal contacts from the BMS to the MultiPlus.

10A can be set in VE.Configure. If you choose "Overridden by remote" then the CCGX will be able to alter this setting. Leave unchecked if you don't want this to be altered.

Fake target with full options is just that - you can play with ALL of the options as if you had a Quattro in front of you. There are no specific models to simulate.

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Hi Mark. I am putting together something similar. 1 x Lithium-Ion HE Battery 24V/200Ah and 1 x Lynx Ion BMS 400A, 1 x MultiPlus C 24/2000/50 and 1 x Color Control GX.

See photo of system in build. It's for charging electric bicycles off-grid, with recharge of HE battery from mains when available.

Anyhow, on investigating allow to charge/discharge I discover there is now a simpler way (thanks Barden UK) by using DVCC:

I haven't finished my power pack build yet, so can't yet comment about the process of wiring/using DVCC. I'll be blogging about this anyhow on the Victron Blog in due course.

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