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12/3000 does not charge or pass through AC

Hi, I have been using a 12/3000 flawlessly for 2 years. Last year cleaned connections and replaced lugs with proper crimps and added lithium. I have a line filter that monitors surge, Hz and power characteristics. Everything still worked fine and my batteries are fully charged at 13.4V.

Today, I plugged in AC source (generator and shore) and no AC gets passed through and the batteries do not charge (however the inverter works fine). I measured 120VAC at the first input terminal (on the left). When I connect AC source, the 12/3000 beeps and clicks then beeps and clicks again 30 seconds later. After 4 or 5 beeps and clicks, it stops trying.

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Hi Ross. The 'clicks' suggest to me that the generator input is being rejected. This wouldn't normally happen with mains shore power, but it's an all-too-common thing with gennys - they are *not* created equal..

You could also try limiting the genny input within the Multi.

Of course you'd need access via a MK3 adaptor or GX box/VRM portal, hopefully you have that..?

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woops should have entered this a comment not an answer. Sorry first time doing this:

Historically I have been using the same generator and same shore power sources for 3 years and the 12/3000 suddenly stopped taking that AC yesterday. No settings were changed in the 12/3000. I do have an MK3 and will explore the suggestions in the link you sent. I tried turning down the charge current dial from 19A to 13A while trying both shore and gen power with the same result.

Since the clicking and beeping 30 seconds apart seems to be some kind of fault, is there a way to see fault codes or messages in the 12/3000 using the MK3 and a laptop?

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