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Victron Blue Smart IP22 Bluetooth Battery Charger setup for parallel batteries

Hi Everyone - I'm hoping you can help with a question I have on the best choice of AC>DC charger, and the setup for my planned battery configuration in my van build

At the moment I have three 95Ah AGM batteries that are hooked up in parallel that i want to charge using a Blue Smart AC>DC charger from my shore power system, and i'm wondering whether it's best to go with the 30A single output charger, with the pos and neg going to the batteries at the opposing end of the parallel bank, or potentially go with the 15A 3 output charger with each battery having its own pos connection and the neg's all running to a common bus bar? All options with fuses at the battery end of course.

Are there any benefits or drawbacks to either approach?

Does anyone have a similar setup to either option and can provide any good feedback on their choice?



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Hello Kyle,

For 30A (3) output charger the overall charging current is 30A, that means if 3 batteries are connect to charger, total charging current would be 30A (e.g. 10A+12A+8A or 10A+10A+10A). If only one battery is connected to 30A (3) output charger, whole 30A will be supplied to single battery. A 3 output charger is useful if we have 3 different AGM batteries and they should be considered as different entity.

In your case, single output and 3 output charger will have same effect as all 3, 95Ah AGM batteries are connected in parallel and act as a single unit, (Charger +ve and -ve connected to +ve and -ve of battery at opposite ends of parallel bank) so a single output charger would be good choice.

Charger output amps can chosen based on battery capacity, charging time, etc.

@kylec_03: Hope this helps you.



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