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Black-out system with 80 V battery, Phoenix, and orion

Hello everyone,

I have a 80 V battery with a output current of 200 A.

I want to convert this to 230 V, but therefore I will first decrease the voltage to 24 V.

For that I want to use Orion 110/24-360W ( I wish I could Orion 110/48-360W but I can`t find it so probably it don`t exist).

Then I want to use the Phoenix 24/5000 to make 230Vac.

The problem is the current, because I don`t know if the orion can handle such high current.
I also don`t know what the output current of the orion is. And at least I also don`t know what the needed inputcurrent must be for the phoenix.

The idea of this is that with a 80V battery I can provide elektricity to a building in case of a black out. And for that I need a converting systeem from 80 Vdc to 230 Vac with high power. This systeem described above is the only way I could figure out so if anyone have a better idea pleas let me know.

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What battery do you have?

Can you cut it in half?

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That will not work.

360W at 24 Volts are 15 Amps.

You can not feed a 5000 Watts System with a 360 Watts System .... or lets say: you may do that but you can not expect more power than the weakest System has (in this case the orion).

And: the orion is able to produce 110/230 Volts out of 12/24 volts ..... not vice versa.

80 Volts is way to high for every kind of victron equipment.


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