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How do I set the Input Current Limit to limit both legs of my 120v/240v shore power?

Basically the title. I've searched the forum and found a couple posts asking similar questions with no answers.

MultiPlus II 12v 3000va, a CerboGX, 5kWh lithium, (with a SmartSolar, but I don't think that affects the question) in an RV. I have 50A shore power available at the moment, but I'm often at a place that only has 15A available. I've been able to set the input current limit and use power assist to mimic having access to only 15A, but I noticed the other day that the ICL is only limiting one of the two legs. How do I get it to limit both legs? I get that 15A is single phase, but if I remember correctly from the last time I was limited to 15A (pre-Victron installation), the 50A>15A adapter functionally makes that 15A available to both legs, of course limited to 15A total. So how do I get the input current limit to limit both legs so that the MP draws power from the battery via Power Assist instead of tripping the 15A breaker every 10 seconds? Thanks all!

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You must have the 2x120? When connected to split phase the current limit is for each phase, L1 and L2, but power assist only applies to L1 so essentially the limit only really applies to L1 since you could theoretically pull more than the current limit on L2. When connected to single phase the MP2 will ignore input on L2, pass thru power on L1, and combine L1 and L2 outputs. Thus, the current limit will apply to L1 input only but L1 and L2 outputs combined. Power assist must be enabled in the multi configuration.

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This is the answer I was looking for and couldn’t find in the literature. Thank you, Derrick!
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