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Overload situations with ESS assistant

After watching a video about overloads, I analyzed the VE. Bus Warnings and Alarms curves of my EasySolar 24/1600 (working with ESS assistant) in order to understand the repeated overload alarms that were recorded.

VRM Curves

According to the video, overload situations should happen when the inverter reaches the max output power.

Here my inverter turns into overload even when it is not at the max output power.

Is this normal?

link to the video:

MultiPlus Quattro Inverter ChargerESSVRM
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You are also getting battery low warnings. This suggests your batteries are not well or the cable is undersized for the current draw. If the voltage is sagging then to make the required wattage it will pull more amps and trigger the overloads if it is above its rated caurrent capabilities.

Are you able to post battery data as well?

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