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ESS mode 3 - charging EVs

Hello Victron community,

We are using Quattro 48/15000/200-100/100 with CCGX and our own battery and BMS. We are going to connect the system to a charging site which includes 3 single phase chargers and currently each of them is limited to 3.6kW each.

With the system installation, the chargers would be able to go up to 7kW each, by providing ~10kW of battery power out of 20kWh battery bank.

We are using our own control loops which means we operate the system on ESS mode 3 and managed to communicate and control the inverter pretty well.

However, when tested the inverter in the lab with a simple heater of 600W as load and smaller battery pack of 2kWh, it seems that it couldn't handle this peak and move itself to passthru mode...

When we went back to the manual we noticed that there is a constrain of 400W/s ramp up time. However, in our site we don't have a precise control on the ramping time of each charger on site.

Need some help to understand how should I manage it?

- Is the inverter limited to work just with a loads that can be managed to 400W/s?

- Is that relevant for ESS mode 3 only? Can I operate it in other mode and avoid this restriction?

Would appreciate any suggestion or assistance on that

Let me know if any further information is required.

Thanks in advance

MultiPlus Quattro Inverter ChargerESS
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This is an interesting project.

As far as I know the 400W/s limit is in the inverter. if you have multiple inverters you could ramp up at 400W/s * inverters but I haven't tested this. So like 3x Multiplus-ii 48/5000 could give you 1200W/s

Do you have the have load on the inverter output? As you will always get a faster response if the load is on the AC-OUT because you are controlling the AC-IN setpoint.

What do you mean by it entered passthrough mode? If you are grid-tie it should stay in Mode - 3 Bulk, if it is switching to Mode - 8 - Passthru then there is a problem.

Yes, you will get an impulse that looks like this.
But it should be fast enough that you won't trip any breakers upstream if they are sized for 4kw and you are pulling 7kw.

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