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Missing Data on CCGX Main Page when DVCC is activated and Multiplus is on

When I have DVCC activated the Main Page on the CCGX "flickers".

In in second I see this:

And in the next second I see this.

The Screen does this all the time.

In the device list, there is no flickering and I see frequent updates:

But again, flickering in the System-Setup:

I have the following setup:

  • CCGX, Firmware v2.33
  • MultiPlus 48/3000/35-16, Firmware 413 (will update soon)
  • Pylontech battery as Battery Monitor
  • BlueSolar Charger MPPT 150/35 rev2, Firmware v1.42

I have DVCC on, SVS and STS off:

I followed the instructions given here:

I noticed that the problem is gone when the Multi is completly shut down or it's cable is disconnected from the CCGX.

I also noticed, that LAN seems to disconnect sometimes when DVCC is activated.

In the Multi, I have the following settings:

Can you please advise how to resolve the issue?



CCGX Color ControlDVCC
1566986239422.png (14.9 KiB)
1566986287503.png (16.2 KiB)
1566986291769.png (16.2 KiB)
1566986344208.png (27.5 KiB)
1566986426868.png (19.1 KiB)
1566986567384.png (30.0 KiB)
1566986607920.png (28.4 KiB)
1566986885191.png (44.6 KiB)
1566986902695.png (9.8 KiB)
1566986919229.png (18.9 KiB)
1566986935277.png (19.7 KiB)
1566986948074.png (11.5 KiB)
1566986963120.png (9.3 KiB)
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Mark answered ·

The issue is the firmware version in your Multiplus - as per DVCC and Pylontech Battery manual requirements it must be v422 or newer.

You stated that you are still running v413 - which is NOT compatible.

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tobbse avatar image tobbse commented ·

Hi Mark,

thanks for your reply. I wrongly assumed the minimum firmware for the Multi is 413.

Next weekend, when I have my MK3 cable back, I will upgrade to the latest firmware and post the results.



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tobbse avatar image tobbse tobbse commented ·


after upgrading the firmware of my MultiPlus 48/3000/35-16 from 2622413 to 2622460, the problem is solved!

Thanks for your help,


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Mark avatar image Mark ♦♦ tobbse commented ·

No problem, great to hear that it's all working well now.

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