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How to configure growatt for Multiplus AC coupling?

I have an installation with a Growatt MOD15 3-phase TN inverter, connected to 3-phase Multiplus on the AC output side (totally off grid installation). Normally it works OK, but sometimes the LED lights flicker, and when the conditions for solar charging is not optimal, sometimes the Growatt is a power consumer. Also, as you can see here, the power from growatt is not evenly distributed on all the phases - one phase even consumes quite a bit of power. Does anybody know what settings that are optimal for the Growatt inverter in this setup? Growatt support is "not the best".


Most often it is L1 that is a consumer, like the picture above and below shows:


I do not know how to set the growatt inverter to "micro grid mode" or similar. Multiplus has the correct assistant, and stops the growatt when batteries are near to full with frequency shifting, as it is intended.

Multiplus-IIAC PV CouplingAssistants
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