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easySolar 48-3000 - communication problem between inverter and color control

I finish to update my BYD battery to latest firmware (after waiting for the special USB to CAN cable from them) so I finally plugged everything and was hopping to have it all to work.

We did the installation a few weeks ago with my PV installer, we did set up to date color control and inverter, and he setted up the victron inverter and color control configuration for them to be ready to discuss with BYD. As the battery was on a too old firmware, I had to wait to update them to latest firmware which is now done (BMU and BMS).

So I finally turned everything on. BYD is recognized by the color control, mppt is charging them, but when I turned on the inverter, it constantly disconnect and reconnect from CCGX.

here is a small video showing what's happening.

Any idea what could be happening? How I could fix it?

Also, the inverter has a (quite) loud electrical noise. Is that normal?



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PS :

CCGX v2.33

MPPT 150/70 v1.16

Mutliplus 48/3000/35-50 v413 / ve.bus 2620413 / mk2 1170207

BYD BMU v4.23 / BMS (Box 2.5v2) V4-4-11_4-Dec-2018

I did tried to restart CCGX, inverter and battery. Issue is still the same. Problem happened only when inverter is on.
Inverter has also still that weird electrical noise when on (which might be quite annoying really fast as my living space is quite small and the inverter is inside).

Yes they do buzz under certain loads and conditions, as they have a toroidal transformer inside, this is normal for a low frequency designed inverter. Other designs include high speed and transformer less design which are much quieter in operation.

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Guy Stewart (Victron Community Manager) answered ·

Please see the minimum compatible firmware versions here:

You need to bring all your devices (MultiPlus, MPPT) to the current firmware version.

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That was it.
Seems to all work fine, except for this small electrical noise coming from the inverter. I guess, I'll add some phonic insulation except on the ventilation soon.