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VRM shows wrong data after there was no internet connection

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Remote control and monitoring went down on one of our Solar power plants. The problem was 4G LTE router (Mikrotik) which randomly stuck. After 2 days (solar power plants are on mountains, too far from us), we managed to reset it. Now everything works well, except that VRM shows wrong data in those 2 days when router didn't have access to the internet. Pictures are below. Tried to catch some logic, but no luck - for example, there is no way that diesel generator started more than 3 times in one day, because we had another history data from ComAp controller and alarms set (VRM shows that generator has started more than 25 times in one day). Cerbo GX is running Venus OS 3.20~35.

This problem occurred 3 times last year, but on different power plants with different LTE routers/modems (GX 4G LTE and TP-Link).

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