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AC IN above inverter peak? Need help

Would appreciate your input on the following to double check it would work.

4 kw solar panels- MPPT CC - 48v/200a battery bank - quattro 48v/5000 - AC In available from Grid . NO Feed in to the grid - Generator 7 kva . Bmv700 - ccgx color control.

Small eco lodge with 6 cabins.

Settings. AC in to supply the loads if batteries are low. No charging from AC. Generator start if batteries are low and no AC IN available on quattro AC IN #2.

Most of the time the loads will be around 3 kw during day time so fed by solar via batteries.

Sometimes the peak will reach 10 kw . This is if and when all fridges and water pressure pumps start simultaneously . But it can and will happen.

My understanding is that the system should be able to supply more than the inverrter peak by using the AC in supply.

Ex. Loads = 9 kw

System will supply close to 5 kw from the quattro/batteries and the rest ( 9 - 5 = 4 kw) from the grid AC IN. This without tripping or shutting down the inverter .

Is this correct ?

Thank you for your feed back.

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Daniël Boekel (Victron Energy Staff) answered ·

Hi @Herve RV Nizard

Is the 'peak load' a startup peak? or a continuous load when all devices are used at the same time?

Please note that fridges and pumps have a very high start-up current, and when grid is not available I think a 5k unit is too small.

If grid is available, then it will indeed help with the loads, if the grid is stable enough. when batteries are empty all loads will be supplied by the grid (or generator)

For sizing a suitable system, your local dealer / distributor is the place to go to.

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Herve RV Nizard avatar image Herve RV Nizard commented ·

Hi @Daniël Boekel (Victron Energy Staff). Thank you.

the peak is longer than a starter peak. It is indeed when a lot of appliances work/start simultaneously.

My main question was to confirm that with a Quattro and the proper settings, the grid will be able to supplement the inverter. Thanks for the reply.

I am familiar with other brands which cannot ! And I am the local one !

Thanks again

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