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Charger control using node red

I'm after some ideas on controlling my battery chargers using node-red

The lorry has it's own 24v DC system and i have a 12v DC system in the living area.

I have the following chargers

1 x 24v Victron Phoenix Smart
1 x 12v Victron Phoenix Smart
1 x Victron 24/12 Isolated DC-DC charger

When the lorry is on shore power i'm using both AC chargers to keep the batteries charged but i don't want the DC-DC charger to activate when the 24v charger is running. But i also don't need the DC-DC charger to activate if the 12v AC charger is running.

I was thinking of using the relay control but i'm not sure how to detect if both AC chargers are offline/unreachable in node red on my cerbo GX

cerbo gxNode-REDPhoenix Smart Charger ip43
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