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Cerbo fuel tank sender reading varies plus difficulty removing and selecting tank inputs

I have had a Cerbo connected to a new system for a few months now. Initially the Tank input 1 seemed not to function so I used Tank 2 and got a reading approximating to the fuel level in a rectangular tank. Since then, the reading has fluctuated from 30% to 45% to 0% and now shows a far higher reported resistance than the sender itself. I initially suspected this was down to sharing the common ‘earth’ or chassis connection and getting some stray voltage or voltage drop occurring. I’ve since re wired to the sender with some 3 core screened cable directly onto the sender earth connection and there’s been no improvement. I have moved from tank 2 to tank 3 and now cannot remove the disconnected tank in Remote console although in VRM Device List it has removed as it should. The sender is a custom resistance which worked so well in the beginning and still measures a likely resistance.

Has using the Earth blown the input(s) perhaps?

Any help appreciated.

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