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Orion-tr 12-12/18 delivering 26 Amps

Hi there fellow Victron enthousiasts!

I'm running a orion-tr 12-12/18 for charging my LiFePo4 pack in my campervan. I dialed it to 14.6V for LiFePo4. Now when it kicks in, my BMS reads 26 Amps of charging. Is this normal? I thought it was maxed out at 18. I've got a 90 Amp alternator, so I don't think I'll run into trouble there. But am a bit worried about the orion itself.

Any help would be appreciated as i'm heading of to a big roadtrip the day after tomorrow!


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Why would you think the charger was maxed out at 18 amps? Did you read the manual?

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Because it is advertised as an 18 amp 220w charger...

I did, but it was along time ago. I'll dig into it again.

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Oke, the specifications in the ma ual state a maximum current of 25A for 10 seconds. Does this then mean i will just have to get a bigger dc-dc converter for charging my 320Ah battery pack while driving? Because otherwise i can never get it up to 14.6V
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