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Issues with multiplus compact and how to connect to it with phone

I bought a secondhand Multiplus Compact 24V/2000VA, it's quite inaccessible. I read I can connect to it with a MK3 to my computer. Is there anything that I could plug into the multiplus compact, that would then allow my phone to connect to it? Or even better put it on my home network? e.g. a bluetooth or ethernet connection?

Every 7 mins I hear a loud click/thud. Even if the mains is on and running on the mains only. Not sure why it keeps discharging and recharging the batteries when there is AC power. The batteries are very old second hand lead acid batteries that came with it, that don't seem to have much life left in them. I would like to monitor it to try figure out whats going on.

With no load connected to the inverter, it drains the batteries quite fast (nothing connected to AC out). However if I disconnect the inverter from the batteries, the battery voltage stays up.

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You could look at a smart dongle, but it has limited capabilities.

Some phones will accept a USB connection (via an adapter) which means you can run Victron Connect from your phone. This doesn't work with Apple.

The best solution is a Cerbo, which would give you remote access, VRM etc, but is the most expensive option.

Or you could DIY with a Pi and Venus OS.

You don't get much stats via a direct connection and the VC app, so VEconfigure from a windows PC is probably the best "non-networked" option, but the Cerbo/GX can't be beaten.

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