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Quattro will not stay in "charge" mode longer than 3 seconds

Yesterday I replaced my house battery. I replaced a Battleborn Lithium bank with a new Battleborn Lithium bank - long story. The only difference is I changed from 6 batteries to 4 batteries (300ah down to 200ah @24v.) We're offgrid on a boat, so no access to shore power. Now, when I start the generator, the Quattro switches to bulk charge as it normally did, however after a few seconds it cuts off and switches back to "inverter" mode. If I put the switch on charger only, again it will charge and passthrough momentarily then it will just cut off. I've verified my generator voltage is will within the thresholds set in the Quattro settings, all other settings seem fine. Any suggestions on what I might try?

I've verified all connections are solid and cables are all of sufficient gauge (it worked fine for a year previously so I don't think that would be the issue).

Is it possible reducing to 4 batteries from 6 could be the issue?

Screenshots attached showing the Quattro's attempts to charge. It reverts to either passthrough or inverting but will not stay engaged in charge mode. screen-shot-2021-06-23-at-13151-pm.pngscreen-shot-2021-06-23-at-15009-pm.png

Note: Light sequence doesn't show any errors - basically Mains and Bulk light up, then turn off as Inverter turns on.

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As per Battle Born instructions BB10012-BB10012H-2021-Manual.pdf ( you must fully charge each battery before connecting them in series. Otherwise you will upset the batteries BMS.

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