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MP II Grid value alternating high resulting in high grid supply

Hello guys,

I had to change my settings from Venus on Raspberry to CerboGX device, due to heating unit nor supporting Rpi Venus (different story).

Now the system is running for two months and i am facing in my opinion hight grid supply of 1,5-2Kwh/day when battery is fully and PV the whole day.

Before changng to Cerbo GX the value was between 0,2-0,8kWh/day.

My setup is:

- CerboGX (Firmware 3)

- Multiplus II (Firmware 5.05)

- Battery with seplos BMS (not changed)

- EM24 RS485 Energy meter

When i watch the grid value it keeps alternatiing between -200 and +200 Watt every second. This looks kind of weird.

i already tried with different grid point setting (0 Watt to -150Watt).

Has anybody already solvend this kind of issue?

Best Regards,


Multiplus-IIgridem24ess settingsess grid setpoint not reached
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I also noticed that on my setup, but I never used a raspberry . Below you see a photo of two completly different days with the same setup :

comparison.jpgFirst - high solar production and high consumption ( Considering the house was empty )

Second - low prodution and also high consumption, but this time I was at home and turning off/on stuff .

So it seems that I consume more when I am not at home ...

You are probably experiencing the same, when solar production is high consumption is higher, as part of it is efficiency loses . Could not find anywhere on the Victron documentation that this would be the case , but it seems plausible .

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