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VRM and local Dashboard show incorrect wiring after install AC current sensor on Multiplus 2


i'm just finish to install my Victron system based with this devices :

- Smartsolar MPTT, VE-can ,

- smart shunt, Ve-direct,

- Cerbo GX,

- Multiplus II -

This morning i installed an AC current sensor to my multiplus II in order to prevent power feedback to the grid.

..but after that, the power in/out measured to the grid is correct but the wiring on dashboard appare incorrect.

Now i'm draw zero power to critical load ( AC out disconnencted ) but in dashboar all power coming to the grid ,are considered draw for critical load.

In real this power are loaded only by AC load.

I'm not discovering what is wrong in my configuration... i'm load ESS assist .

Someone can help me ?

Thanks in advance,


( the wrong wiring is visible also in VRM : )


Multiplus-IIgridess grid setpoint not reached
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