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EM330 - EM340 in 3x230VAC grid wrong readout

We installed an energy meter EM340 (in-line) grid meter and in another application an EM330 with current clamps. We see that if we program the meter to a 3P grid (3x 230VAC and no N), which still exists a lot in Belgium, that the Cerbo Measures 0VAC as line voltage. Therfore the internal calculation of power and consumption is not correct. Could this be a software issue from the Victron side? Because in the meter itself all values are correctly displayed.

Kind regards and thanks for the help.

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Victron does not connect to delta connections.

They needs a neutral connection to work, so not likely able to reference without it.

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bbossyns avatar image bbossyns Alexandra ♦ commented ·
Dear Alexandra

Thanks for your answer. We don't put the inverter in 3-phase config, we only use a single phase inverter in this case. The L of the inverter is connected to L1 and the N to L2 or L3.

What we would like to obtain is the phase-compensation regulation of Victron in this configuration, because this could help us store the PV-inverter energy which is somtimes connected to a different phase or phases.

So we would like to know if there is anything to be done about the wrong read-out of the values from the Energy meter itself.

Thanks and kind regards

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tokke avatar image tokke bbossyns commented ·
Going to follow this as I'm design my system in the same setup (3x230V, no neutral, single phase ESS)
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