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Battery high Voltage Alarm with unbelivable Voltage?!

I have got a high voltage alarm. Please see the screenshot in the app. I have a Bluesmart 100/30 MPPT controller and the bluetooth Voltage/temperature meter at the battery.

The numbers seem pretty unbelievable. is this a system fault or what could have caused this?

THanks for the help!

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Here are my guess's, but these are big guess as I dont know the battery size or anytrhing else about your system , a wiring diagram and much more information would be of help

1. as the max PV voltage is only 35.63, so its not posiable for the MPPT to make 163v so maybe you have some other device feeding power to the battery.

2. the battery was disconnected while the unit was at high charge power and a Capacitor discharged however I cant see how that voltage would get that high.

3. you have a wind generator or some other charging device on the same circuit causing the spike,

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Thanks for the fast and helpfull response. Your 2.guess was right. I did a repair yesterday and i had to disconnect the battery negativ. I forgot to disconnect the solar panels before.

After i posted the question here it came to my mind...

So anyways it`s also unbelievable for me how the voltage could get that high even in these circumstances.

By the way my system inside my campervan. The 12.8V 200Ah Lifepo4 battery is charged by solar, the alternator (with büttner charge booster) or 220V (also via Büttner Combi Charger).

Thanks for your help Paul!

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