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Incomplete VRM Logging - 48V 3000 MP II with Cerbo GX

We recently installed a 48V 3000 MultiPlus II (497 firmware), connected to a Cerbo GX and Pylontech US3000C. The Cerbo GX is connected to the MP II via the Ve-Bus, but we're still waiting on the CAN cable between Cerbo GX and the Pylontech battery. Realtime Logging has been enabled and I can see the instantaneous readings on the Remote Console (both via Wi-Fi and via VRM) and online via the VRM Dashboard.

The following issues have become apparent:

1. Initially we could see 'W' logs of the kettle, microwave and other draws on VRM under System - AC Consumption, now it seems to be limited to minor draws, like the fridge. This seems to have become an issue after updating the Cerbo GX to the 2.94 firmware from 2.91 to 2.94 (although reverting to 2.91 made no difference). Boiling a 2,400kW kettle while on AC no longer shows up, no matter which plug I use. Strangely, the heater shows up, one can clearly see when the graph increases/decreases by +-1,000W. Logging intervals are at '10m'.

2. During loadshedding (our daily municipal power cuts), while running on inverter, the Amps show up as negative, I'm assuming this indicates a draw from the battery?

3. The inverter also makes a buzzing sound, sometimes so loud that I wonder when the neighbours will come knocking. Would this be 'fixed' by a firmware update?

Why is the logging incomplete, am I missing something somewhere, maybe a setting? Only showing some of the power consumers defeats the object of having VRM.

Many thanks in advance!

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1. Change your log time to 1min intervals. A kettle takes less than 10 minutes to boil.

2. Yes correct. Negative means discharge from the battery since power is being taken out.

3. The MP2 buzzing can be several things. One can be an appliance that interacts with the sine wave, that combined with the big inductor (transformer) makes for interesting sounds. Another we found can be wiring causes on the load side.

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