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Difference between Multiplus II with Cerbo GX and Multiplus II GX


What is the difference of buying a Multiplus II with included GX and a separete GX and a normal Multiplus II ? I will have two SmartSolar controllers if that makes any difference also i need CAN for a BMS.


Multiplus-IIcerbo gx
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wkirby answered ·

If you need CAN, then the MultiPlus GX is no good for you as it doesn't have CAN. Also only one VE.Direct, so only one MPPT. It can do more if you use a VE.Direct - USB cable.

You'd probably be better off with a Cerbo GX or Venus GX overall for what you need.

Here is a comparison table for the Venus range of devices:

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@WKirby i can't figure out if i really need CAN or BMS Can, is there a chance you can have a look at this guide and maybe you understand better than i do, i have a feeling i only need BMS Can which from the link you posted it seems to have i mean the Multiplus II GX. Regarding the only one VE.Direct, what do you mean ? Is there actually a way to connect both SmartSolar chargers ?

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As far as I can tell, the Batrium will work with the MultiPlus II GX because it is 500Kbps baud rate, according to the Batrium link that you posted.
You'll need to follow Batrium instructions to make the cable and you'll need a 120Ω terminator at the MultiPlus end. I think the Batrium has a 120Ω terminator at its end.

You can connect one SmartSolar to the VE.Direct port MultiPlus II GX with a VE.Direct cable.

To connect the second SmartSolar you'll need a VE.Direct to USB cable and connect this to the USB port of the MultiPlus II GX.

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@WKirby thank you, looking at the price it seems it's not worth going this route since the end price is very close and you get more with Cerbo GX than having a included GX in the Multi.

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carlosg answered ·

Can someone please confirm that this post is old and now multiplus GX and easysolar II GX do support CAN as per remarks in the new table?

I am interested on easysolar, anybody successfully running easysolar II GX with pylontech?

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You already have the correct link,you just need to read footnote 23:

  • Late 2021 / early 2022, the hardware of the MultiPlus-II GX and EasySolar-II GX product range has been updated. The update adds Bluetooth and changes the CAN-communications port from a limited 500kbps BMS-Can only type to a full featured VE.Can port (non-isolated). Status per model, updated 2022-10-04:

    1. MultiPlus-II GX 24 3kVA; per HQ2231. Not shipping yet

    2. MultiPlus-II GX 48V 3kVA; per HQ2124, Ships from Australia, Spain, Netherlands and South Africa warehouses.

    3. MultiPlus-II GX 48V 5kVA; per HQ2220. Not shipping yet.

    4. EasySolar-II GX 24V 3kVA; introduced per HQ2203. Ships only from the Dutch warehouse

    5. EasySolar-II GX 48V 3kVA; per HQ2229. Ships only from Spain and SA warehouses

    6. EasySolar-II GX 48V 5kVA; per HQ2220. Ships from all warehouses.

Any new MP-II GX or ES-II GX has a BMS-Can/VE.Can compatible port.
You can only use 500kbit/s OR 250kbit/s not both at the same time!

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Kaas avatar image Kaas Matthias Lange - DE ♦ commented ·

thanks for posting!

great news. However, a footnote is not enough I think. Device Manuals should be updated accordingly(!)

this post pulled me out of a hour long rabbit hole because of the compatibility issues.

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I have the same question, plus if this post is old, then the manuals for the EasySolar-II GX and Multiplus-II GX also need updating.

Same regarding the support for Bluetooth Smart.

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Found this post that helps:

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