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Implementing ESS by changing Smart Meter to EM530 Grid Meter

We have a setup that includes 3 x Multiplus running in parallell on 3-phase and an AC coupled Fronius Symo. Grid-Feed-In is not permitted so for the past 12months+ it has been running with a Fronius Smart Meter.


One unintended consequence of this design is that it cannot run as an ESS, so the battery sits idle at 100% except when there is no-grid. When the grid drops the Fronius sits on the non-essential side and has been working happily.

We would like to convert the system to ESS so I have purchased a Carlo Gavazzi EM530 and plan to connect this to the Cerbo GX using an RS485 to USB cable.

The questions I have are:

  1. In the new ESS setup if I enable the zero feed-in will the GX do the same job of throttling the power output of the Fronius?
  2. Can it do this through the existing Ethernet connection between the Cerbo and the Fronius Datamanager?
  3. I assume the Fronius Smart Meter will be redundant?
  4. Without the Smart Meter can the system still talk to the Fronus SolarWeb portal?

Happy to answer questions, provide info. Q 1 & 2 are the essential ones.

Thanks so much in advance. I sometimes find it tricky answering these kind of questions from manuals and building confidence, so this kind of help is so useful.

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