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Victron Phoenix Inverter 12/500 - Class T Fuse size

Hi all,

Need some guidance for an Inverter install. This is for Canada, so it will be the NEMA GFCI model and spec.

Wire size : 10mm2 (AMG 8)
Manual says fuse or DC circuit breaker is mandatory even less than 1.5m.

The amp size of the fuse from research seems to be 60amp. From research it also understand the fuse needs to be a Class T fuse.

The 12/500 model has a switch (connect) option, which I can use as a switch.

What is the best practice? To have a Class T fuse AND a switch AND a circuit breaker? inline?
I'm having a hard time to fine a Class T fuse for 60amp, is it wrong to just do a circuit breaker? If so, are there any recommendations on what type & model?
If I do a circuit breaker, which will also act as a switch, do I still need to add a switch to the inverter using the connect wires?

Another noob question, on where in the calculations does it ask the size of the battery bank, does the size of the battery bank behind the inverter have no effect on the calculations of wire/fuse/etc?
I have 5 batteries in parallel AGM 105 ampH each.

Thanks in advance.


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