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VE.Bus Error: Error 7 - EasySolar II GX

My system consists of a EasySolar-II-GX-24/3000/70 with a LiFePO4 Smart 25,6V 200Ah and a VE.Bus BMS V2.

After powering up, I get error message "VE.Bus System [275] - VE.Bus Error: VE.Bus Error 7"

Q1. In article VE.bus firmware I read assistants should not be necessary anymore. The article is already from 2015 and I bought the EasySolar last year. So how to solve this error?

Q2. I want to setup the system as ESS, so do I need to use the Windows VEConfigure software of can I do it differently?

Q3. In the VEConfigure video a VE-USB M3 interface. But the EasySolar-II-GX already has a USB port. Is that a different port and not usable for upgrading the firmware?

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Q1: your error suggests:

An external device (e.g. a VE.Bus BMS) is connected but there is no Assistant loaded which handles that device.

Solution: configure the Multi/Quattro with a suitable Assistant.

Q2/Q3: you will have to load the bms assistant (as Q1) and load the ESS assistant with VE configure

if you connect your easysolar GX to internet and connect to the VRM portal, you can download a config file from your system, edit and load the assistants in it with VE configure, and upload the new config back in to the system trough VRM

if not connected to internet/VRM you will need a VE usb mk3 interface and connect it directly to your computer

the usb port on the easysolar gx is not a VE interface

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Q1: confusing that the error message informs a "suitable" assistant is necessary while the article from 2015 suggests differently.

Q2/Q3: My EasySolar GX is connected to internet and available in my VRM portal. But either by downloading/editing/uploading or connection with MK3 interace I need the VE-Configure software. Is that correct?

Q4: I understand VE-Configure is only available as Windows program?

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Q2/Q3/Q4; yes you will need the VE-configure software, free to download from victron site, and yes, its windows only ... (i am a osx user to :)

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Am using it with wine on linux without issues btw
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