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Setup Help: EasySolar + ColorControl + VE.Bus BMS


I already own a EasySolar 24/1600/40 and i either want to update/extend this setup with a ColorControl for full functionality (higher ChargeCurrent while AC-Loads/Inverter is running) and Lithium Batteries, thus the need of a BMS.

Or, maybe now, definately at one point, i will have a second setup with EasySolar 48/5000/70, but again there is ColorControl inside and i will want to use Lithium & BMS...

so concerning the connections of the components, the setups should be quite similar.

Here is a graphic i made with all connections to be done for the "EasySolar24/1600"-Case, according to the different manuals.


In the "EasySolar48/5000"-Case, the Connections between CCGX, MultiPlus and MPPT should be preconfigured in the way shown above (i guess) (Exept the CCGX"Power in V+").

The questions now:

1. There is a TemperatureSense-Cable coming out of the EasySolar. When using LiFePo & BMS, the TempSense has no use anymore, right?

2. When the BMS shuts the CCGX down in case of undervoltage, will the MPPT be affected through the VE.Direct connection? it would not make sense, but i dont know, what type of data is sent through that VE.Direct cable..

3. In Case of overvoltage, will the CCGX tell the MPPT via VE.Direct to stop charging/ to shut down? Or do I have to setup another connection from BMS "ChargeDisconnect" to MPPT Remote? and if yes, do i need a normal or this inverted remote cable?

4. Last question: in some threads/posts and also in the manuals, there was this information popping up that somehow something cannot be remotely controlled by the CCGX, when there is a BMS in the system, which is the case here. But i could never understand what exactly it is, that does not work anymore. So I dont know if this affects my setup at all? Could somebody explain to me, what this issue is about so i understand if i have to find a work-around or if it does not matter in my application?

Im asking this in advance because i have to do a 10 hour car ride to pick the components up and i dont wanna do it a second time because of one missing cable...

Big thanks in advance for any answer/explanation, also if you see any fault in the setup-graphic.

CCGX Color ControlBMSEasySolar All-in-One
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