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BMV712 temporarily loses connection to EasySolar 24/3000/70-50 MPPT 150/70


I always have the problem that my BMV712 loses the connection to the ColorControl of the EasySolar. Both are connected via I get the ColorControl again and again the message that the BMV is not connected, if I then wait he connects again sometime.

I have the EasySolar hanging in the network and query it via ModBus, also here I have in the time in which the BMV is not connected no current values.

The EasySolar has an MPPT installed, which is also connected via If I connect the VE.direkt cable to the 2nd port on the ColorControl, the MPPT is immediately displayed as a new device, if I change the connection for the BMV on the ColorControl, it usually takes a few minutes until it appears, so there is also a significant delay.

What can this be or what can I do here?

BMV Battery MonitorCCGX Color ControlEasySolar All-in-OneModbus TCPVE.Direct
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