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Victron Orion 12/12 30 Charger Connection to 2 x Lithium Batteries in Parallel [A or B]?

Hey Guys,

Question Part.1 - I have two solar king 100ah lithiums in parallel - I have recently bought an Orion 12/12/30amp DC-DC charger and was wondering if there is a best practice when it comes to making the output connections; essentially, a or b? Assuming the wiring was exactly the same lengths in each case.

Question Part.2 - Following on from that, would your advice change if there was an Victron 100/50 MPPT connected to the bottom bus bars as well?



Many thanks in advance, Peter

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Option 2 is best practice, as either battery can be disconnected without disturbing charge to the other. Also individual battery charge currents can be simply checked with a clamp meter.

for part 2, yes - that is the purpose of bus bars.

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Thanks a lot @Mike Dorsett, the disturbance of battery connection isn’t an issue - as they get pulled in/out of the car twice a month (or more, but good point) - I suppose my concern was whether or not Option.1[a] would be deleterious to the batteries themselves when charging - as it would make things a lot easier in my use case?

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no real problem if that is the case. it looks like the charging resistance would be about the same for both batteries, so would share the charging current equally, and arrive at full charge at the same time. This is less of an issue with Li batteries.
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Thanks a lot Mike - I really appreciate it (...though unrelated to this, it looks like my seamless install has hit a hurdle - my brand new purchase didn't come with the green bridge plug so the unit wont turn on it seems?) - I will ask a separate question regarding such. Thanks again :)
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